Charles Vaillant, Inc., a prominent American jewelry manufacturing company, founded in 1994, is based in the heart of New York City. We develop and manufacture fine jewelry for esteemed jewelry retailers nationwide in addition to small businesses, artisans, and private patrons.  At Charles Vaillant, we strive to create innovative and original pieces for all our clientele through customized design and excellent quality. 

Beginning in 1920, Charles Vaillant, a renowned New York jeweler, opened his atelier and began his career making jewelry for many, including Fulco di Verdura.  Using his extensive training, he went on to create custom pieces for private clients under his own name and also collaborated on the production of several iconic jewelry pieces such as the "Eye of Time", designed by surrealist artist Salvador DalĂ­

Today, the workshop is currently managed by his grandson, Thomas Renna, and his business partner, Kenneth Danielsson.  Our mission is to continue carrying forward the tradition of superb craftsmanship and rich attention to detail that motivated Charles Vaillant.